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Jeff Walton
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Graphic design philosophy:
clean, simple, functional

That pretty much sums it up. My theory is that if we eliminate the complication, everything will reach the success we are hoping for much more efficiently. I approach each project with the same mentality. First analyze the message that needs to be communicated, then put all of the pieces together and review what we have to work with.

Once the best message is there, we will fine tune every detail of the work so that it best communicates its purpose. Sometimes this involves removing unnecessary clutter so that our finished product is a clean flowing visual that is both pleasant to look at but bold enough to grab the much wanted attention.

I like to concentrate on two very important factors of design.

Typographic legibility

Legibility is a pretty common word, but in my opinion is the most important factor in graphic design. Nice, legible graphic design comes from years of experience working with typography, typographic layouts, typefaces and hierarchy exploration.

Overall readability

Readability sounds like a weird word to most people, but it is a very important word in my work. To create a truly readable design, whether it is an identity package or a full ad campaign, the work must be inviting and welcoming to the audience that encounters it.

By working with a good designer, you can ensure that your materials will be legible and readable to your audience.


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